Manual Therapy

Skilled hands-on treatment designed to optimize patient response to exercise and soft tissue repair


Functional Activity Training 

Movement-based exercises that  train muscle performance associated with daily activities, including walking, sitting, standing and stairs



Adjunct approach to exercise-based treatment and sport performance training, applied to enhance the body’s response to movement


Graston Technique

A form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) used to identify areas of soft tissue disruption and facilitate repair through therapeutic exercise


Neuromuscular Re-Education

Balance-oriented approach to improve dynamic stability and coordination related to functional movement


Patient Education

Explaining the various causes of injury and/or movement disorder to better understand the rehabilitation process and related treatment approach, empowering you to actively engage in your treatment 


Therapeutic Exercise

Specific strengthening and movement techniques based on biomechanical analysis, prescribed to promote function and reduce risk of injury


Sport-Specific Services

Treatment, consultation and performance training services associated with individual sports and recreational activities